What color is lightning?

Lightning comes in every color of the rainbow (Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Violet, to name a few).

It's almost always white, but often it's tinged with another color around the edges.

The three most common colors, aside from white, are blue, yellow, and violet.

The color of the bolt depends on how hot it is; the hotter the lightning, the closer the color will be to the end of the spectrum.

The color spectrum in this case start with infrared which is red and the coolest up to ultraviolet which appears violet and is the hottest.

Lightning also can take on a range of colors, depending on conditions in the clouds and in the air.

Typically, blue lightning within a cloud indicates the presence of hail.

Red lightning within a cloud indicates the presence of rain.

Yellow or orange lightning occurs when there is a large concentration of dust in the air.

White lightning is a sign of low humidity or a little amount of moisture in the air.

White is the color of lightning that most often ignites forest fires.

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