Phoenix (KPHO) -- A young woman is getting a lot of praise on social media for spoiling an attempt by a would-be thief who tried to take off with the tip jar at a local coffee house.

Caitlyn Conner and her friend noticed a man follow them in to the Songbird Coffee & Tea House on Monday afternoon. They said the man eyed the iPad on the counter, but then his attention shifted to the tip jar once the barista's back was turned.

"He reached into the tip jar and as he was taking the money out, I just kind of had enough of the thought of him doing that, and I snatched the money out of his hand and put it back in the jar and just said, 'what's your problem, man?'" said Conner.

Conner says she knows how important those tips are for those who work in a customer service environment.

"When I saw someone trying to take something that she had worked so hard for, I wasn't going to have that," said Conner.

Following the incident, the 21-year-old received immediate praise and appreciation from patrons and staff on Twitter.

"You never know what certain people's intentions are. She basically put herself in harm's way for us, which is incredible. So hopefully she'll come back in and I'll buy her a few coffees," said barista Elizabeth Bayer.

Conner's boss appropriately described her as "their own little super hero!"