HANOVER TWP., Pa. – The Biggs family does not play by the rules on Thanksgiving. 

They're skipping the turkey and mashed potatoes and bringing on the pizza and cookies. 

"I made pizza for years for the family just using sheet pans and things like that," said Brett Biggs, founder of Pizza By Biggzee. "COVID hit and my daughter was at gymnastics with my wife there for 5-6 hours on a Saturday and I was bored out of my mind."

That boredom quickly turned into Pizza By Biggzee — a "pay-it-forward" pizza pickup concept intended to bring some enjoyment to people during the dark days of quarantine.

"I started reading dough books and pizza techniques and things like that and really kind of tried to perfect what I'm doing, and I got pretty good at it, I guess. The family really likes it," Biggs said. "So my wife started to farm me out to some of her coworkers for takeout orders, and that kind of spiraled, so I said, let's have some fun with it."

Biggs continues to have fun with it, serving his family pizza on Thanksgiving Day.

His menu has since grown to include pepperoni rolls and his daughter's favorite. 

"Garlic bread," said 8-year-old Reagan Biggs.

But what's pizza on Thanksgiving without dessert? While some families do pumpkin pie, the Biggs family does cookies.

"My grandmother passed in 2007, but prior to her passing, she would make her cutout cookies by the hundreds," said Biggs. "As a tradition on Thanksgiving morning, we always make her cookies from her recipe using her old sheet pans and her cookie cutters."

The tradition continues to be carried out, even by his daughter who says her favorite part of the process is, well …

"Eating them" said Reagan Biggs.

While it might not everybody's go-to, pizza and cookies on Thanksgiving can show that, sometimes, it's not about what's on the plate but rather who's sitting with you at the table.

To get your name on the list for pizza, you can head to the Pizza By Biggzee website. Biggs says his pizzas don't cost anything — he just asks that you pay it forward.