BERKS, Pa. | Daniel Boone High School students set up stages, and lined up LED lights in white bags, in front of more than two dozen socially distanced tables draped in baby blue tablecloths.

"It's definitely been a little bit stressful today," said Hannah Santos, a high school junior. "But I'm overall really excited, and I think it's going to be interesting how it turns out."

Though stressful putting together an outdoor prom, students noted it is nothing compared to the stress of a pandemic-impacted school year, and students who missed out on this special experience last year.

"Ecstatic, I mean, it was so cool," said Payton Fritz, another junior. "It's been such a difficult year, and to have something that's still semi normal even with all the different ways we had to regulate it, according to COVID, it's just so awesome."

Tables will soon be filled with students who have spent the past months learning to adapt at home and at school, so an extra curricular activity like the prom should be no different.

>>AARON SBORZ / PRINCIPAL (04:28) "I think they're going to enjoy themselves as much as they can given the circumstances," said Principal Aaron Sborz. "I'm excited just to be able to get back to some sense of normalcy we missed all year."

The theme of this year's dance is fitting. The theme is "Once Upon A Time", where these students will recall a time, a place, and a prom, before the pandemic.

"I'm really happy that we get to have a prom, because I know the seniors last year weren't able to have that, so I'm happy to actually give them a prom this year," noted Santos.