LONGSWAMP TWP., Pa. - A piece of local history is on the move.

The Mertztown train station, which has been closed since 1963, will be disassembled and moved to the Longswamp Community Park.

An open house on Sunday gave the public the chance to take a last look at the station in its current spot.

Kutztown Mayor and railroad expert Jim Schlegel said he remembers when the station was thriving. He worked at the nearby Atlas chemical plant for 45 years.

"One of the main reasons I kept coming back to work," he said, "I used to enjoy watching the trains every day"

The station is one of 35 structures included by the township in a historic preservation overlay zoning district.

The station will be repaired and restored, and it will reopen as a museum.

Marie Maly, Longswamp Township Historical Society president, said she estimates the project will cost $310,000. The money will come from donations and fundraisers.

The historical society is taking donations in person and through its Save Our Station GoFundMe page.