READING, Pa. – Firefighters, like all first responders, still have to work on Thanksgiving.

"Typically everyone's cooking on Thanksgiving, so a lot of kitchen-related incidents and things like that," Josiah Newsome, a firefighter and EMT, said about the calls he and his coworkers usually receive.

In between the fire calls, though, some Reading firefighters still found time to safely cook up a traditional feast on this last Thursday in November.

"Even though we can't be at home, it's great to be able to make a meal together as a family," said firefighter and EMT Joseph Cox.

Amid the turkey, tin foil and candied yams — bonds form.

"You find out a lot about people when you're in the kitchen, ya know?" Newsome said. "Who you can rely on and stuff like that, so we all try to work together in the kitchen, just like we do on a call."

For the crew at Third and Court streets, Turkey Day isn't the only time the kitchen comes alive.

"We take pride in the meals we make as it is, especially at this station," Cox explained. "We are always cooking different stuff. Trying different meals."

As they take a brief break from the life-threatening scenarios beyond the confines of their kitchen, they find gratitude in their home away from home.

"Obviously, we are away from our immediate families but we are all family here, eating together as a family, on Thanksgiving," Newsome said.

"I feel grateful that I get to be here, doing this job," Cox said. "It's the job I've always wanted to do and to be here with these guys and just getting to do this, is what I'm most grateful for.