For the second year in a row, many big box stores like Target, Best Buy and Kohls will wait until Black Friday to welcome Black Friday shoppers.

For those in the Lehigh Valley wanting to shop on Thursday, they looked to local drug stores for their last-minute needs.

“I didn’t realize everything was shut down,” said Edwina Drodz, who was hoping to find some last minute items for her family before their Thanksgiving feast.

On a day all about gratitude, Drodz said she was grateful that CVS was open, so she could pick up some chocolate and medicine for her family.

“My grandson doesn’t feel the best, so we wanted to get him some medication.”

For Ellen Childress, CVS was the perfect spot to pick up the snacks her son loves.

“He lives in Good Shepherd, and it’s for people in wheelchairs. They are confined to their rooms today because of COVID,” said Childress.

She bought him some candy, nuts and Christmas items.

“He’s easy, he likes everything,” she said.

For single moms like Theresa Stirling, the decision to close the big stores on turkey day shows a change of heart for the retailers.

“It takes a village to raise a kid, so when covid shut everything down, I think people are a lot more compassionate and empathetic,” she said.

Shopper Jose Rodriguez couldn’t agree more.

“It's about giving thanks for everything that we've got thanking God for everything that we've got — our freedom our health and our family."