Big changes coming to school district after unsafe levels of lead found in some water fountains


A new school year means a new, major project in the Central Bucks School District.

"We're going to eliminate all water fountains in our district, we're going to replace them with water filter filling stations," said District Superintendent John Kopicki.

Kopicki says there are 230 water fountains across the district's 23 schools and by the end of the year they'll all be replaced by those filtered filling stations at the cost of roughly $225,000.

"We cannot have children consuming water with lead in it, it's extraordinarily unhealthy," said Kopicki.

The upgrade came after the district tested every school for lead back in June.

"There were 16 sites that came back with lead levels above the EPA guidelines of 15 parts per billion," said Kopicki.

Kopicki says experts worked throughout the summer to remediate those 16 sites and then each school was tested again.

"When we retested, 22 of our 23 schools came back under the accepted EPA guidelines," he said.

The one school that still tested for high lead levels was Buckingham Elementary near Doylestown. That school is getting the filtered stations first.

"We have two of those installed, and we're installing two more," said Kopicki.

In the meantime, students there will be given bottled water in the classrooms and during lunch.

"We'll have to test again upon all that remediation, but we're confident that we're taking the right steps," said Kopicki.

Kopicki says his district tested for lead voluntarily, a proactive approach he says they'll now do every year.