Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids: Angelica

WFMZ's continues its "Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids" series with an Allentown girl hoping to catch the eye of a lucky family.

The Revolution Cheer All Star Cheerleading squad is as acrobatic as they are generous.

On this day, they welcomed WFMZ's Bo Koltnow and 12-year-old Angelica into their Whitehall gym, complete with a basket full of goodies for Angelica.

Angelica is looking to be welcomed into a family. She is one of more than 2,000 kids across Pennsylvania looking for a permanent home.

"A very down to earth girl. She likes to be involved. She loves the arts, to sing and dance," said case worker Rosanna Riggio.

After a quick makeup session and stretching, the aspiring cheerleader was ready to spring into action. Athletes build a career on being resilient but tenacity is helping to shape Angelica. Evident as she refused to give up on learning a cartwheel. The sixth grader loves sports, pets, math and writing.

The initially shy 12-year-old showed persevering through physical and emotional hurdles isn't a tall order after all.

"She said she would like a traditional family. Also willing to be with a single mom. Just wants to feel loved," Riggio said.

At least here in Whitehall while looking at a gigantic group hug; love is a feeling easy to hold on to.