"Do you like mustard?" WFMZ's Bo Koltnow asked 17 year old Bella.

She laughed.

This may seem like an odd question, but for Bella it's a comforting thought.

"I feel like I'm painting with mustard," Bo said while staring at a canvas of paint.

"Hahaha," she said.

"I make my own hamburgers. I put in onions, cheese and mustard," she laughed.

However, Bo and the teen traded spatulas for paintbrushes Friday. They were inside Allentown's Painting with a Twist getting seasonal instruction from Melody Dow, on creating the perfect holiday partner.

Bella's goal is finding a family. She is 1 of 3,000 kids across Pennsylvania in foster care.

"Bella is a very chatty teenage girl. Loves to talk, very easy to talk to," said case worker Helene Kosciolek.

Even about a book on foster kids she's reading in school.

"How do you feel reading that?" Bo asked.

"It kinda hurts," she said.

"Because you are in that situation?" Bo responded.

"Ya," she replied.

She one day wants to be a dress designer and relies on her faith to show her the way.

"God put me in this place for a reason. I just need to find out," she said.

On this day it's showing her capabilities no matter what's in front of her.

"I'm glad I came. You guys are cool," she said with a smile.