Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids: Elijah


A group of now-super friends turned Upper Mac's Movie Tavern into anything but a Fortress of Solitude for 13-year-old Elijah.

Elijah is trying to find his family team. The teen is one of 2,000 foster kids in Pennsylvania looking for their forever home.

To say Elijah likes superheroes, "that's an understatement," said case worker Angela Phillips.

His super team faced off against Aquaman and Black Panther in a game of shuffleboard for control of the universe.

"He is very caring, always asks about me. Very excited to see people that he wants to hang with," said Phillips.

Before long, Elijah showed his shuffleboard powers. After winning the world, Elijah got to reap his rewards as Lehigh Valley Comic Con supplied the super team with the incredible gifts, which included a a stuffed Hulk, toys and books.

Flanked by his super crew Elijah got a private movie showing, superfood included.

Elijah hopes to one day not only have a family, but play in the NFL. It's good he's well-versed in the story of superheroes using adversity to their advantage for a taste of the good life. For more info on Elijah head to our website at WFMZ.COM.

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