Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids: Ian


Inside Upper Mac's Game Changer World it's high tech Interactive world. A place where 10-year-old Ian feels right at home.

"I know where to go to get the jackpot. Follow me," he said while we walked around.

The goal in here is to win as many tickets as possible.

"I have a chance to get 500, I need more coins," he said.

The bigger goal for Ian? Find a permanent family.

"He's a great kid. He's incredibly resilient, despite everything that he's been through he's really come out on top," case worker Stacey Flick explained.

Ian is one of 2,000 kids in foster care across Pennsylvania.

"He's polite, courteous and thoughtful," Flick explained. "He's always trying to please others and put a smile on their faces," she added.

And what puts a smile on Ian's face at least in here is more tickets.

The 5th-grader is giant fan of football, loves games of skill over the video versions and has an affinity for stuffed animals. He's also apparently has a knack at accruing winning tickets, as he shows off nearly 1,000.

Ian's plan is to cash them in for his prize.

Although he's his own prize for a lucky family and tickets are not required.

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