Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids: Luke


Moving from one place to another while overcoming obstacles- it's the essence of the sport of Parkour.

"Pillars of Parkour is a strong body, strong mind and a strong heart," said coach Josh Nierer.

The perfect sport makeup for 14-year-old Luke to jump into at the Lehigh Valley Parkour Academy.

Nierer showed us the tightrope that is Parkour. A mission impossible for some, but not Luke.

Luke's mission is to find a forever home. He's one of 2,000 kids across the state in foster care.

"He wants to be successful and he wants to be able to say he completed something and that he did his best at it," said case worker Kayla Bedoya.

Luke doesn't lack confidence but when you have to constantly overcome more than just physical hurdles confidence is a currency worth holding onto.

Aside from a Spiderman sense, this teen loves mowing the lawn, being outdoors and football.

The heart is used to push through. It's the key to success in parkour, football and in Luke's case, finding family.