Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids: Zach


From an 1895 electrobat IV, electric car to classic Indian two wheelers and the fabulous fins of the 1960's, historic vehicles are all on display at Allentown's America on Wheels Museum.

11-year-old Zach and WFMZ's Bo Koltnow got a history test drive from volunteer Dennis Aranyos.

Zach is one of 2,000 kids across the state in foster care looking for a permanent parking spot in a forever home.

"I describe him as an old soul. He loves history," said caseworker Elizabeth Teeters.

"You know about the Hindenburg right?" Aranyos said.

"The hydrogen made it flammable and exploded," Zach said.

It's safe to say he appreciates the classics.

Aside from cars this soon to be 12-year-old digs origami and reading.

"Family that would suit him best is a forever family. Zach has experienced a lot of grief and loss, and has worked through that, worked very hard." Teeters said.

"If you could take the car anywhere, where would you go?' WFMZ's Koltnow asked while sitting in a classic car from the 1940's.

"New York City," he said.

With plenty of room for a family.

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