ADOPT LV Kids: one year later


Each month, 69 News highlights a local foster child.

While some have gone on to be adopted, others are still waiting to find their new families.

WFMZ's Bo Koltnow took a look back at the kids we've highlighted over the past year who are still searching for a forever home.

From a teen who can rhyme to one whose ball speaks for itself, our 2018 Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids showed their versatility.

15-year-old Randy suited up with the Macungie Police Department, answering questions and getting a lesson in laying down the law.

13-year-old Elijah became part of a superhero crime fighting squad inside Upper Mac's Movie Tavern, while 15-year-old Cash showcased his skill to Lehigh University's team, and schooled co-ed athletes in a game of knockout.

10-year-old Elijah showcased his virtual skills as we had video game mecca Game Changer World in Allentown to ourselves.

We followed 10-year-old Andrew into the Animal Kingdom at the Lehigh Valley Zoo.

14-year-old Luke and I WFMZ's Bo Koltnow used their knees, arms and anything they had to do the seemingly impossible Mission impossible sequence.

Inside Bethlehem's Real Studio 14-year-old Zaier let his beat speak for itself.

And anyone of these kids can still be the perfect match for your family. For more info on our Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids head to our website.