We are honoring American Red Cross Berks County Heroes. Our first hero is a teenager who is attempting to get outside of his comfort zone.

17-year-old Danny Smith starts most mornings online. Instead riding the bus and traveling to Wilson High School, he turns on the computer at home in Sinking Spring.

Virtual learning hasn't been easy but it did afford him some time to start thinking about how he could help. All around him, folks were dealing with the pandemic. 

Doctors and nurses are working long hours and Danny thought they might be hungry. He created a GoFundMe page to help and people started donating.

“We found GoFundMe. I tested it out and had a page set up.” recalls Smith.

People started donating and along with the GoFundMe page, came GO FISH! Seafood Restaurant. Owner Heather Clark had just laid off most her staff but when she saw the money Danny raised, she donated her own and started cooking.

“Our chef came together with Danny and came up with a great menu and Danny offered to deliver it for us and find the people that needed it the most. It helped us out so that was really cool that he stepped up to the plate like that and he's just a good kid.” says Clark.

Twice a week for a month, with the money they raised on GoFundMe and Heather's generous donation, GO FISH! made the meals and Danny and his dad delivered them to more than 350 frontline workers.

Danny was delivering a warm meal when there wasn't much else for comfort.

“They definitely seemed very grateful. I wish I could've given them more food. I felt like it wasn't that much at first but I guess it was enough for the time being.” says Smith. “We're just really grateful that so many people came and wanted to help us.

"That was the best part. because once you start something it seems like other people just kind of jump in and wanna help too.” says Jacqueline Smith, Danny’s mother. "A kind act spurs another and before you know it, you've fed hundreds of hungry workers when they needed it the most."