Haiti Earthquake: Humanity in Bloom - DVD


Description: With its majestic mountains and kaleidoscope of flowers..
Haiti may be the most beautiful place on earth.
Life here is simple..but spirited for the people of the world's poorest nation.
January 12th the unthinkable happens...

A mighty earthquake brings Haiti
to its knees.
Buildings topple...
Thousands perish.

Life as it was, will never be again.

But through the chaos and heartbreak the seeds of beauty are being re-sown.
Because in the middle of all this...
Humanity is blooming.

69 News follows members of Allentown Pennsylvania's Lifechurch and three Lehigh Valley doctors as they travel to Haiti to rescue orphans and provide medical attention to people ravaged by the earthquake.

It is an emotional journey that reveals the triumph of the human spirit over human suffering.

The DVD is $20 plus tax and handling costs. The proceeds after production costs will benefit Lifeclinic and Rescue Children Orphange Haiti.

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