Emmaus High School a top contender for Freddy Awards


It's almost time to cue the lights.

The 16th annual Freddy Awards ceremony honoring the best in local high school theater is just two weeks away.

The nominations were announced live Thursday on 69 News.

If only there was a way to bottle the enthusiasm on Freddy Award nomination day.

At Emmaus High School, there was enough energy to light up the entire school as it earned 14 nominations for its production of West Side Story.

"It's a great story, it's a beautiful love story. Romeo and Juliet modern day, lots of great dancing, beautiful music so it really had everything that we were looking for this year," said Producer and Artistic Director Jill Kuebler.

"There was a lot of, you know, complex dancing and passion and just so much fun," said Jadel Contreras.

"This cast, we were so close, everyone was so kind to each other and we had so much passion for what we were doing," said Alena Slak.

Among their nominations: acting, singing and choreography.

Kuebler says the Freddy's have a wealth of students with stage promise like student choreographer Luke Csordas.

"He will be going to USC in the fall on a dance scholarship so we'll see where that takes him," said Kuebler.

On May 24 it will take him and the rest of the Emmaus cast and crew to the Freddy's, where as a top five school they will perform a number from West Story before a live audience.

Organizers say in addition to recognizing the outstanding musical accomplishments of regional schools, over the last 15 years, the Freddy's program has provided over $1 million in scholarships, internships, and community awards.