Khloe Kardashian: I'm a strict parent Content Exchange

Khloe Kardashian is a "very militant" parent.

The 37-year-old star has True, three, with basketball player Tristan Thompson, and Khloe admits to being a particularly strict parent.

She explained: "I am really strict. I have a schedule. I’m very militant with how I parent True and I believe that a schedule saves everything."

Khloe explained how her own approach to parenthood compares to her siblings. She also suggested that there's no right or wrong approach to parenting.

She told 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show': "The warning is, no one really knows what they're doing. We all just pretend that we do, and I don't care how many kids you have, I think it's exhausting for everyone."

Khloe admits to being "incredibly clean and organized" at home.

And reality star hinted that her daughter is already following in her footsteps.

She said: "I like everything in its place. I’m very regimented.

"I don’t want that for True but she already has so much of that. I feel so bad she has so much of it so young but every toy has to be put back exactly where she got it from. Not from me. That’s what she does."

Khloe previously revealed that having True has changed her entire approach to life.

She shared: "When you’re pregnant, you start thinking about ways to better the world and yourself. I started caring about the environment more than ever before, and becoming a mom makes you really want the best for your children and the world they live in."

Khloe has made True her number one priority in life.

She said: "After having True I had to learn to balance my time more because when it comes to my baby, she is the most important person who deserves my attention.

"It was really just all about me learning to set more boundaries, manage my time, so I could still give her the attention she deserves."

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