Meghan McCain didn't feel her voice was welcome on The View Content Exchange

Meghan McCain didn't always feel welcome on 'The View'.

The 37-year-old TV personality starred on the daytime talk-show until earlier this year, but she didn't feel like her co-hosts - Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, Sara Haines and moderator Whoopi Goldberg - missed her when she went on maternity leave last year.

Meghan - who gave birth to a baby girl named Liberty in September 2020 - shared: "I think they liked not having me.

"I think they liked not having someone who would fight with them or give an unpopular opinion. I was very insecure about not being missed on maternity leave. I felt it. I felt like they didn't miss me."

Meghan is the daughter of former Presidential candidate John McCain, and she's open-minded about the prospect of moving into politics.

The outspoken star hasn't ruled out entering the political arena one day.

Asked about the possibility, she told People: "At some point, maybe."

Meghan subsequently admitted she's more likely to move into politics than host her own TV show.

Meghan - who interned at the comedy series 'Saturday Night Live' during her younger years - said: "I'm definitely not in that phase, but it's more likely that I would run for office than host a show. That's much more intriguing to me."

Asked whether she's more likely to host a show or run for office, Meghan replied: "At this point in my life, moving home to Arizona and running for office sounds way more interesting.

"I'm not running for office ... but I'm just saying if there was a metric of placing bets: Yes. If someone has a gun to your head [and says,] 'Pick one or the other ... '"

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