Musikfest 2019 wraps up with Brad Paisley


The sounds of live music spilling from the North Side of Bethlehem were heard for the final time this summer as Musikfest 2019 ended its 11-day run.

"It has felt really full, it has felt good, people who have come out have been in a great mood, they've talked a lot about the programming," said Kassie Hilgert, president and CEO of ArtsQuest.

The attendance record to beat is 1.2 million, and organizers hope they can hit it, thanks in part to a fairly mild stretch of summer weather.

"Weather is an enormous part of this, any outdoor festival deals with that, so we can flex 300,000 in attendance between a good weather year and a bad weather year," said Hilgert.

It's a complete turnaround from last year's rain and flooding. Sunshine and the lack of scorching temps means more money for vendors.

"It's been a great week, the weather, it's just been really enjoyable hasn't been scorching hot, no rain, except for one day and even that day was great," said Vanessa Peacock, with "Aw Shucks" Roasted Corn.

With a diverse playlist for your pallet, organizers say a more diverse lineup of artists broadens the festival's reach.

"I think what was important for us this year was Chainsmokers, it was our first shot at EDM or electric dance music, that was a huge change for us," Hilgert said.

For Hilgert, it's not so much a festival, but a holiday.

"This is like 11 days of Christmas to me so there's a little melancholy today," she said.

To combat that music melancholy, the lineup for next year is already in the works.

"We already have 20 offers out for next year's Musikfest," Hilgert said.