Yasmin Le Bon wants more women in their 50s on the catwalk
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Yasmin Le Bon wants to see more women in their 50s on the catwalk.

The 56-year-old model is grateful she has continued gracing magazine covers and walking on the runway - but she wants to see more people her age doing the same.

She told Stella magazine: "I'm so glad I hung on for dear life in this profession. It's ridiculous the amount of positive reaction I get from women my age who hardly ever get to see other grannies modelling."

Meanwhile, Yasmin's daughter Amber - who she has with Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon - recently revealed she lives in a "constant state of fear" of being in the spotlight and feels so overwhelmed that she often can't remember walking at fashion shows.

She said: "I live in a constant state of fear. When it kicks in, I have mind blanks. "I used to get it during a fashion show. I’d walk, and the next thing I’d remember was walking back in. I don’t actually remember being on the runway at all."

Amber also suffers panic attacks at public events.

She explained: "I also get terrible panic attacks. I was once at an Amanda Wakeley event when suddenly I felt constricted — my it wasn’t working!"

The fashion model has been on the runway since she was 19 after she signed to her mother's agency but never intended to get into the industry.

She previously explained: “Modelling is something I always said I would never do. But I left school and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. “Then my mum’s agent offered me some work, and I thought it would be something to do while I decided what to do with my life, and it was paying the bills. And here I am — still working!"

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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