Health Beat

What happens when heart disease is so bad that thick plaque makes it nearly impossible to even place a stent in the arteries? Meet one woman who is part of a clinical trial using shockwaves to fracture that plaque.

New antiviral drugs that can actually cure hepatitis C are proving so effective, that doctors are now doing what had previously been unheard of. They're transplanting infected livers into patients who are on liver transplant wait lists, and then curing the hepatitis C afterwards. It's something that used to be impossible.

Superstar Michael Jackson, actor Jon Hamm, and fashion model Winnie Harlow all had or currently have vitiligo, a condition that causes the skin to lose pigment, leaving white patches behind. Researchers are now testing a topical cream designed to safely repigment areas of skin.

After a stroke, you might experience paralysis, numbness, depression, and problems with memory, speech, understanding, and attention, but it is possible to recover with hard work and dedication.

A new kind of doctor is appearing in cities across the country. Instead of treating symptoms or illness, functional medicine doctors focus on the patient and individual reasons behind the problems. Comprehensive personal and health screenings are followed by adjustments in nutrition, activity, and lifestyle, instead of drugs. Learn how a functional medicine doctor changed one woman's life.

Life Lessons

While trick-or-treat night is certainly fun, there are so many dangers for parents to worry about with kids out in the streets at night and pretty distracted by the Halloween fun.

A major is one of the most important decisions a student will have to make. Yet, 75% of them start college without one or change it. 

Last year, the Boy Scouts of America made a landmark ruling allowing girls to join Cub Scouts for grades K through five. In February, they ruled that girls could join Boy Scouts, geared for kids’ ages 11 through 17.