In 1845, roughly when a part-time surveyor of Concord, Mass. named Thoreau was writing a book that would make him immortal, another surveyor was making a discovery that would change the course of the Lehigh Valley's industrial history.

It is the early morning hours of July 30, 1916, minutes before the Black Tom Island munitions dump explosion in Jersey City, N.J. will awaken half the east coast, changing history. 

Back when Hollywood used to make historical movies about the Revolutionary War period, no film was complete without the stereotypical Tory. But when it came to reality, at least with Doan Boys of Bucks County’s Plumstead Township, this stereotype was turned on its head.

On a recent July morning, with sunshine dappling the fluttering green trees and a summer breeze taking the edge off the already rising humidity, a small group of people walked down Bethlehem’s High Street toward the historic Nisky Hill cemetery.

Last September, the city of Philadelphia suffered a great loss. A decision by its current owners led to Hahnemann University Hospital, since 1848 one of the city’s pioneering medical institutions and today serving mostly the poor, closing its doors.