Life Lessons: Minimologist

As the weather gets warmer, many of us will turn to spring cleaning. It's about that time we think, "Why do I have so much stuff?"

Experts say that's the perfect time to think about simplifying your life.

Professional organizers say if you have fewer things, you'll feel better and more in control of your life.

We talked to a Lehigh Valley organizer who calls herself a minimologist and she says simplicity is freedom.

Minimologist Colleen Warmingham and she has been helping Tamela Seitz of Lower Macungie with a challenge . Tamela is trying to turn her dining room into a home office -the biggest problem-.papers.

"Things would get very confusing and I would just avoid them. You know, 'I'll do it later' and over time that builds up," says Tamela.

That's where Colleen will start. 

She is working on an easy system for Tamela to organize things. She says this is not an unusual scenario-that many of us feel bogged down by clutter.

"The home size in the United States in the last couple generations has gotten bigger. Our parents and grandparents grew up in homes much smaller than we live today. And we tend to accumulate to fill that space," says Colleen.

And then we get stressed out because we have too many things and too many decisions to make about them.

" And the numbers for all decisions run into the thousands depending on which study you look at so we're just looking to scale that number back. Decision making is exhausting," adds Colleen.

A busy mom and artist, Tamela wants to simplify her life for a simple reason.

Tamela says, "It's just so much easier when things have a place . There's mental space there's emotional space. It's just so much easier to be calm when things are organized."

Colleen's advice: sort first, then reduce .

"We need to be asking questions like that: Is this still bringing you peace or happiness or joy or however you want to say it. Is it speaking to your heart and if it isn't maybe it's time to let some of that stuff go."

And then organize what's left.

For Tamela, she's repurposed some of the furniture , added a few things and now she can easily flip her dining room back to a venue for a formal meal if she needs it.

Colleen says try not to get discouraged if the task seems too overwhelming. She says tackle a few small projects at a time so you can see you're making progress.