We know it's a great time to be looking for a job since many companies are hiring, but how can you go about it in a way that will get you where you want to go? What are the main things you should be thinking about?

WFMZ's Nancy Werteen sat down with Emilie Bree Carlino, a career and professional coach in the Lehigh Valley, to talk about some strategies to help the job search process.

Looking for work is work -- Treat job-searching like a job, but look at it as an opportunity to find your next career move.

Stay positive -- That's hard when faced with rejection, but job-searching is a numbers game, so the more you apply to and the more networking you do, the better chance you have of landing a job.

Networking -- About 75-80% of jobs come from networking, so talk to people and get to know people. Connect with people more authentically, and don't be afraid to reach out one-on-one or ask someone questions about their career or for an informational interview.

Make a schedule -- Pick a time to start in the morning and, more importantly, pick a time to stop. You don't have to job-search 24/7. Take time to disconnect.

Journal -- At the end of the day, write down what you accomplished that day, what you're grateful for, and set a small goal for yourself, for the next day or next week. It helps make job-searching more manageable. Making lists can also be helpful, as can journaling about your values.

Figure out what's important to you -- Take time thinking about your core values, then spend time finding a company that matches those values. You want to be happy and engaged at work, so finding a company whose core values align with yours is important.