Latest stats show there are about a million singers and song writers in the U.S. trying to come up with the next big hit. About 91% of them will never be known. They’ll never sing in a stadium packed with screaming fans or make the big bucks. In fact, on average, most of them earn anywhere from a few thousand dollars to about $35,000 a year doing what they love.

Now one seasoned musician is bringing together voices, knowledge and experience to empower the next generation of artists.

In a group and solo, Beth McKee has traveled the world. Now she’s using what’s she learned to help bring female musicians together.

“Most of my life, I was the only female in the band,” McKee said.

Swamp Sistas is now 2,700 members strong, where more experienced musicians mentor the up and comers.

Amy Robbins came to the Sistas wanting to know one thing.

“There is so much talent, it's hard to stick out,” Robbins said.

Singer and songwriter Jessica Delacruz joked, “Most musicians, they thought, well, you know, I’m just gonna play. Nope.”

“We’re the leader of the band and the boss and the person that writes the checks and books the gigs and conducts the business too,” McKee told Ivanhoe.

And just how do you get hired?

“And I say, get good, then you have to get contacts and then you have to get busy,” explained McKee.

But beyond the concerts, jam sessions, and workshops, the Swamp Sistas combine their art with activism.

“Part of what our mission is is to give back to the community,” Riley said.

The Swamp Sistas’ La La Music Festival raised $70,000 for local foodbanks last year.

“We've really done a jam-up job in my humble opinion of supporting each other in such beautiful ways,” Hannah Harber, a singer and songwriter, told Ivanhoe.

Proving that with the right motivation, a mentor and a lot of talent, you can sing your way to success.

McKee says, “If you’re a musician and want to be part of Swamp Sistas, go to the Facebook page and get in touch. You can find out more and see where members will be playing across the country on the Swamp Sistas Facebook page.”