What career skills can make you happier and more productive at work? In a recent survey, about 85% of respondents said they were somewhat or very satisfied with their jobs. So, what does it take to stay happy at work? Here are some skills that can help you love what you do.

How happy are you at work? The majority of Americans say they are satisfied with their jobs and most cite the meaningfulness of their work as the biggest contributor to overall happiness. Recognition and work-life balance were also important factors. But did you know certain skills could make you happier on the job?

First, keep learning new things. Attending a conference or seminar could give you a fresh perspective when it comes to your job.

Next, speak up if things aren’t right. Satisfied employees communicate their issues with their bosses in a productive way.

Also, employ good time management skills. Managing your time may help you avoid burnout.

And lastly, become a problem-solver. Try to tackle challenges creatively and with a good attitude.

The survey on workplace happiness also found that providing workers with opportunities to advance their careers may be the best way to keep them from leaving. Just 13% of workers who said their companies provided excellent opportunities for advancement were thinking about quitting their jobs.