Bethlehem restaurant mixes traditional Mexican cuisine with other cultures


The grill has been hot and cooking since 2015 at Aqui Es, a taste of Mexico tacos restaurant in Bethlehem.

Restaurant partners Daniel Flores and Juan Sosa worked in other kitchens in the area, until one day, "I tell my partner, I said listen why can't we do tacos, maybe we can do it good," said Daniel Flores, co-owner of Aqui Es.

Good is an understatement for the popular restaurant that mixes traditional Mexican cuisine with other cultures.

The tacos are hands down the signature dish of Aqui Es. In fact, in 2017, the restaurant was voted the third best taco spot in the nation by Insider magazine.

Flores and Sosa say it's all about keeping the quality high and making everything to order.

The shrimp taco helped win the honor, and that's what sets Aqui Es apart from the rest.

Don't fall in love with just tacos. The owners encourage you to try the specials, dinner items, and the jumbo burrito if you dare. It is a massive burrito weighing in at 48 ounces of meat, cheese, rice beans, wrapped in two tortillas.

They also serve surf and turf with 12-ounce Delmonico steak, shrimp, and seasoned reduction sauce.