Bethlehem's Sun Inn serves up tasty eats with a side of history


It's a place where George Washington, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin spent the night.

The Sun Inn has a long history of famous guests. The restaurant has something new to add to the legacy-the taste of Colonial Fusion.

There's a lot of history at the Sun Inn in Bethlehem on Main Street. Built in 1758, the inn has hosted everyone from presidents to ghost hunters.

The Tavern at the Sun Inn began to host dinner guests in 2016.

"The one thing we wanted to make sure we did was maintain the integrity of this building. We love history, we love food," said Brett Biggs, co-owner of Christmas City Spirits.

The love for food has morphed into some creative dishes.

"What we try to do is try to mix modern food and kind of take some notes and odes to the colonial times. We call it modern colonial fusion," said chef Billy Gruenewald.

The wings on the menu are cooked confit style, seasoned, submerged in oil, and then slow baked in the oven.

They're finished on the grill and served up with a seasonal dipping sauce.

Staying true to the colonial times has been an exciting challenge for Chefs Billy and Holly Gruenewald.

The Peasant Roll is the signature dish.

Now the meal for paupers is a top selling delicacy. Fresh lobster meat, a mayo mix, fresh tarragon, and served on a toasted roll with chips on the side.

So they may not call you governor when you order your food, but the Sun Inn will serve up tasty eats with a side of history.