Emeril Lagasse will give cooking demonstration at Lehigh Valley Food and Wine Festival


It's one of the top tickets in the Lehigh Valley for foodies.

The Lehigh Valley Food and Wine Festival is celebrating 10 years of serving up some of the best dishes around.

Chef Victor Bock, executive chef at the Sands Bethlehem Casino, says all five casino restaurants will be part of the 30 different stops.

The theme this year is Mardi Gras, and it's going to be a party for festival-goers and their palate.

Emeril's Chop House, a place known for top-notch service and food, will be featuring two dishes.

One is a goat cheese stuffed beignet with sugar made from dried and pulverized beets, then topped with cotton candy.

From the grill:The restaurant's version of tacos el pastor. It is corn tortillas with a cabbage slaw, pork, and topped with a salsa that includes smoked pineapple, and roasted apples.

Another big part of the festival will be a cooking demonstration by Emeril Lagasse, where the winner of a cooking competition among 6 NCC students will be awarded an all-expenses paid trip to New Orleans to work in Lagasse restaurants.

The festival runs May 31 until June 2.