BETHLEHEM TWP., Pa. - Depending on the time you get to Mitzi's Table in Bethlehem Township, you could be waiting for a seat.

"There's always a line out the door on the weekends for the most part. I tell people don't be discouraged by the line. Our tables flip," said restaurant co-owner Nikki Fluck.

Yes, the food is worth the wait. The business opened six years ago, and for the last year Mother Mary Avallone and daughters Nikki and Natasha Fluck have been running the spot. They started as part of the staff, but when they caught wind of the owners wanting to sell, they jumped at the chance.

"This was on our dream board probably for the last 12 years. We have worked, the three of us, pretty much gone everywhere together," Nikki said.

The trio love the place because of the fresh food and everything being homemade. They got all the recipes from the previous owners, people who still check on them often.

The food has become a favorite of many, like the oatmeal-crusted french toast. It's topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream, maple butter, and hot maple syrup over the top.

There is also something for the vegan and gluten free diner. The Vegan pizza is on the specials menu often.

"We have this gluten free and vegan cauliflower crust that we use, so it's very versatile and it's tasty," Natasha said.

A tofu and nutritional yeast base as the cheese, fresh seasonal veggies, and plant based meatballs, has made this a signature dish of the restaurant.

Don't forget the Italian eggs benedict, fried salami, ham, and then topped with fried pepperoni.

The trio says it's great to be doing it together, and even Natasha and Nikki's grandmother is behind the register. They say owners taking care of customers is the number one priority as they look forward to more success.

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