Sagra Bistro in Hellertown offers family-friendly atmosphere


Sagra Bistro is a family-friendly restaurant with affordable prices right in the heart of Hellertown.

Owner Robyn Cavallaro says it's a place where everyone is treated like family.

"When you come here, you are part of my family and I want them to feel warm, welcomed and relaxed," Cavallaro said.

The relaxing atmosphere has people filling the restaurant on a nightly basis.

It has atmosphere, and a filet mignon you can get for $16.99.

Cavallaro says keeping her food costs down is a way to make sure you are getting a meal that won't take a bite out of your budget.

"I want families to feel like they can come in with their children, if they want to come in one or two times a week," Cavallaro said.

The food is from family recipes she learned as a child, with a twist. You'll also get a sprinkle of fairy dust to season your burger or steak.

"When my children were little they would go to my mom's house and they were little angels. I said she sprayed her fairy dust all over them," Cavallaro said.

Now it's a mix of spices to make everything in the Sagra kitchen heavenly.

"Gives everything just a little bit of a signature flavor," Cavallaro said.

People are not just coming in for the steak. Cavallaro is serving up classics like her chicken and eggplant parm marriage. She calls it an Italian cordon bleu and it is straight from her mother's recipe box.

The one dish many are asking for, and her signature dish, is the bubble burger.

"It was very important to me to have a really great burger and people tell us they love our burgers," Cavallaro said.

The restaurant offers a hand-formed 8-ounce burger, with toppings that include caramelized onions and a special bubble cheese sauce Cavallaro tasted in Florida and recreated here in the Valley.

"People come here, and they talk about this, they write about this because this burger is unusual. It is

absolutely fabulous and worth every calorie you consume," Cavallaro said.

So when looking for fun, and a family type atmosphere where manja is the word from the owner, Sagra Bistro is a place to check out.

"It's really a place where people come to meet friends and have good food," Cavallaro said.