Signature Dish: Another trip to "Hell's Kitchen"


Some people get to face celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay only one time, but a Lehigh Valley chef is jumping in the fire for another round in the reality TV series, "Hell's Kitchen."

Heather Williams spoke about what will be different this time around on this installment of our series Signature Dish.

A year ago Williams was one twist of the door knob from winning Hell's Kitchen season 16.

"Season 16 was a letdown because I got so far and you have your hand on the door and it just doesn't open," said Williams.

Instead of getting depressed over the loss, she kept cooking but hasn't found that perfect job.

"Just because I was on Hell's Kitchen and I worked with Gordon Ramsay doesn't mean that necessarily I will get a job over somebody else," added Williams.

Now Williams is getting a chance at redemption as a contestant on Hell's Kitchen, Veterans versus Rookies.

"I actually get to show me. I get to show what I can do, I get to cook my heart out, kick butt and take names type deal. I can't really say the other word," said Williams.

In episode 1, Ramsay threw everyone a curve ball. Williams had to cook another chef's signature dish of seared scallops on gazpacho. So she recreated the dish in the 69 News kitchen with a few dashes of how things are going.

"This time around you know what is at stake, you know what's on the line," said Williams. "It's a different drive and a different determination and it's almost like the hunger is ten times stronger than it was the first time around."

Williams says the hunger is still there to find the right chef's position in the Valley as well. Like the quest for a perfectly seared scallop, a place that will let her show off her culinary skills and create a menu that is top notch.

"This industry takes a toll on you and it beats you down. But I still have the love, I have the drive, I still have the passion for it," said Williams.

Williams can't say how she did on this season of the show, but says life is moving on as beautifully as her plated dish. She also says look for her soon at a restaurant or private event, because making up signature dishes is kind of her thing.