BETHLEHEM, Pa. - On the Lehigh University mountain top campus inside of the Ben Franklin Tech Ventures, there's a cafe with amazing food. And every time you go in, you get to hang out with heroes.

Owners Xavier Martinez and Daniela Torres opened two years ago in the business incubator building, the first time in the industry for the pair.

"We are entrepreneurs that are caring about other entrepreneurs," Xavier said.

You see super heroes at every turn. The coffee cups always have a Caped Crusader, and so do the drawings on the wall like Superman, and Captain America sipping a cup of joe. Daniela is the chef, and artist, and Xavier is the collector.

Daniela makes 100 soups a year from scratch and never repeats a recipe, soups like the Locro de papa, a creamy potato soup that she spends a lot of time mixing to make it so creamy.

The couple's son, Xavier, is also depicted. He is the inspiration and logo for the cafe.

"Everything is awesome in his life. It's that kind of approach that inspires us to always put our best foot forward," Daniela said.

Xavier loves the Gaucho sandwich, slow roasted pork, served on a baguette with mixed greens, and a homemade chimichurri sauce.

The fan favorite is the Poco Loco flat bread, naan bread topped with havarti cheese, capocolla ham, goat cheese, mozzarella, herbs de provence and topped with the poco loco sauce.

Daniela invented the sauce in a moment of inspiration.

"I started looking around the fridge and I was like hmm let me see. I started mixing and matching and it came out," Daniela said.

So if you need a hero, you know where to find them, and they will definitely knock out hunger. 

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