MACUNGIE, Pa. - Steak, lamb, even octopus.

You never know what you're going to get at the Savory Grille in Macungie. And that's just how the head chef likes it.

Fine dining at its best is just one way to describe the feeling when you walk into Savory Grille. What you can't describe is the menu because that isn't created until chef Shawn Doyle wakes up each day.

Doyle is a well known chef in the Lehigh Valley and came up with the concept after working at a couple restaurants in the area. He says when he opened Savory Grille, getting rid of a predictable menu was the first order of business.

"Thirty years ago people wanted to know what they were going to get. Today the food industry has evolved so rapidly and so beyond the boundaries of even Savory Grille," Doyle said.

Being creative allows Doyle to make any protein imaginable, like the lamb belly, smoked and cured at the restaurant and served as a fresh take on breakfast. It comes with a mushroom dust, poached egg and tomato horseradish jam.

Or another fan favorite, pastrami duck breast served on a celery root puree with pickled mustard seeds and brussel sprouts.

As for the signature dish of the restaurant. There really isn't one and that is the twist. But we did get a partial answer.

"When you talk about my favorites, I'm a carbo junkie. I love doing extruded pastas, rolled pastas. I love octopus. I mean you've seen me do different presentations with it in the past," Doyle said.

Like the grilled octopus on a butternut squash puree, served with fingerling potatoes and a salsa verde. The offering may not be traditional, but Doyle says when you come and sit at his table you will get old school fine dining to satisfy every palate.

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