ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A neighborhood restaurant in Allentown continues to create a buzz with its burgers and affordable specials. That's not an easy feat for a place on the outskirts of downtown, but it's the food and home atmosphere that keep people coming back.

The building at Union and South Fulton streets has been a staple for gatherings of all types. When it sat empty for close to a decade, the owners of Union and Finch knew they needed to open a place where you're treated like family and the prices are affordable.

After six years of renovations, including restoring a bar and changing up the space, Union and Finch is a hot spot in Allentown.

It is a place not only known for atmosphere, but the food as well. The foundation and building block is the Union burger. The restaurant gets its beef from well-known butchers, Pat Lafrieda, but it's the customization that makes the burger stand out.

"The red onion marmalade is a really nice contrast with the quality beef. Also, the ability to add an egg if you want, add cheese if you want," said Ed Hanna, the restaurant's co-owner.

With a burger comes the fries. The poutine upgrade with duck gravy is definitely worth a try.

The specials keep people coming back too. Burger and beer for 10 bucks on Thursday, wings on Wednesday, and Tuesday has been trending for months now with a pound of fresh, never frozen mussels and frites for under $10.

Some entrees are mainstays but not everything, so if you see it, get it, like the savory crepe for brunch with a bechamel and prosciutto sauce, topped with the restaurant's bacon dust.

Vegetarians have options too, like the veg loaf mashed potatoes mixed with a variety of vegetables, and one special touch.

"Fresh thyme has such a nice subtle sweetness to it that you don't typically see with the dried stuff," said chef Karl Humphrey.

The neighborhood spot is thriving again, and owners say it's been a team effort to make everyone feel welcome.