The Vegan Butcher in Allentown has menu to satisfy both vegans, meat eaters


A new restaurant in Allentown is serving up tasty, plant-based food, but the Vegan Butcher has a menu that will satisfy meat eaters, too.

"You can't be a vegan and butcher, and you can't be a butcher that is vegan. Kind of plays with people's heads and that's what we wanted. A little controversy just to kind of get people thinking," said Ayoub Abboud, co-owner and chef of the Vegan Butcher.

But there is nothing contradictory about the food being served at the new restaurant, which opened in the old Taco Bell location on Union Boulevard in Allentown.

"People walking in and ordering three soft shell tacos thinking it's Taco Bell. That's my favorite thing," Abboud said.

Tacos are on the menu, as well as plenty of other things, like the ChiPs Burger. The difference here is you can get it with ground beef or the plant-based impossible burger.

All menu items come with two options: Plant-based or meat.

Another favorite food item is the pineapple rice with carrots, walnuts, and a seaweed salad, recipes Ayoub Abboud says his staff came up with through experimentation and with one goal in mind.

"Our main thing is more nutritional diets, rather than it per se being vegan or plant-based," Abboud said.

Healthy options for food became a healthy choice for the owners, after co-owner James Shleiwet's father died from a heart attack. Shleiwet's sister helps plan the menu.