Tom's All American in Quakertown has a signature dish right out of the stone age


Tom's All American is not just putting the barbecue in Quakertown. The restaurant has three smokers working in the back and a signature dish that's right out of the stone age.

The restaurant space has been a lot of things, but when Tom's owner, John Hatzis, saw the space become available again he knew it was the right time to open a barbecue joint.

"Who doesn't like BBQ first off and the styles that we do, it's palatable by everybody," he said.

The place doesn't cook one style of barbecue. It takes the best of Memphis-style, Carolina-style, and Texas to make the flavors its own. You decide how much sauce you want at the table and all meat is dry-rubbed and placed in a smoker for hours.

The first meat goes in at 1 a.m. to cook for 12 to 14 hours for a perfectly cooked pork butt for pulled-pork sandwiches.

"We do a morning cook that comes out for our lunch-time crowd and we do an afternoon cook that comes out for our dinner crowd," Hatzis said.

The restaurant has different dry rubs for beef, chicken, and pork. The menu is also 80-percent gluten-free.

For those wanting a little more gluten, try the MOAB sandwich. The mother of all buns sandwich comes with two types of meat piled high to make a carnivore happy.

As for the Signature Dish at Tom's, it looks like a slab of ribs Fred Flintstone would order. It's not a bone for Dino. It's called the DIno bone.

"It is a show-stopper walking through the dining room with that plate," Hatzis said.

The full-size rib is usually what most restaurants cut into short ribs. It's also a good thing Tom's uses a 13 and 1/2 inch plate instead of the industry standard 9 and 1/2 inch plate.

This restaurant is all about making sure you leave full and ready to come back for more.