I've reviewed a lot of apps in 2021, over 50 in fact. Some are just for fun, like those face-shifting photo filters that people post to Facebook and Instagram.

Every now and then, I run across an app that is not only unique but helpful.

Over the last year, no app is more helpful than HeardThat. It's a brand new app for iOS and Android that helps people hear conversations in a noisy environment.

I first heard about HeardThat at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, long before it appeared in the app stores. Matt Potma had a small exhibit space demonstrating the app. I usually walk past the countless number of "app exhibits" because many never actually become available or if they do become available, they're outdated before ever getting into the app stores.

HeardThat is an incredible technology. Potma pitched it like this: "HeardThat is an app to help people hear through noisy situations like here at CES," he said.

Admittedly, I was hesitant to believe how well this app could drown out or eliminate the noisy crowded exhibit hall, but Potma handed me a pair of headphones to let me see, or hear, for myself.

As he talked and I listened through the headphones, the noise of other voices and ambient sounds disappeared and his voice was the only thing coming through the headphones. Potma wasn't leaning into the phone that lay on the table. He was talking to me just like anyone would talk to someone in a quiet space, not raising his voice at all. It truly was impressive.

"It's also directional," Potma explained. "So if I move the phone away from me," as he turned the phone's microphone to the side, I could not hear his voice. "But if I turn it around, I come back," he said. And he did.

HeardThat's website and app include several demonstration videos of people in noisy environments using the app. One conversation was with a woman in a car and then in a supermarket asking about which item to get. Another video is of a man wearing a facemask while sitting in a mall food court.

Each time the app is turned on, you only hear their voice and nothing from the room or location. It can be very helpful to anyone but especially for people who have some level of hearing loss.

HeardThat is a free app at the moment, but there are plans to require a subscription to continue the development of the app. If you or someone you care about has trouble hearing conversations when there's noise around them, HeardThat is worth the download.