I love to cook. So I'm always searching for recipes in apps, Pinterest, and websites. Like many amateur chefs, I have a few recipe apps on my smartphone such as Kitchen Stories, SuperCook, and Big Oven. But last year I discovered a different kind of recipe app that now lives on my home screen.

Whisk is a smartphone recipe app that has all the features of other recipe apps with thousands of searchable dishes and meals. It also has a very healthy communities page where like-minded cooks share recipes for a particular meal, taste, cuisine, or dietary restrictions.

But here's the selling point making Whisk the best recipe app in stores today: It allows you to clip recipes from any app and any website and save them to the Whisk app.

Maybe you stumble upon an interesting recipe for a dessert on Pinterest. If you're in the Pinterest app, just tap the share icon on the screen and choose "Whisk". That recipe is saved in a folder in the Whisk app.

There is also a "Whisk" browser extension for Google Chrome that places a Whisk icon just above your URL bar. When you run across a recipe you want to try while browsing the internet, just tap the Whisk icon to save it into your Whisk file.

It reminds me of the old cookbooks my mom had that included newspaper and magazine clippings she'd cut out for recipes she wanted to try.

Once you open a recipe in the Whisk app, you'll find all the necessary ingredients listed along with directions.

I also love the fact that when a recipe is for 4 servings, there's a Whisk feature that allows you to up that number and the app recalculates the ingredients and how much you need (which means, I never need to do math while cooking).

Whisk is a free app for iPhones and Android devices. If you're an experienced cook, a wanna-be chef, or just someone who enjoys trying new dishes, it deserves a spot on your home screen.