Forget for a minute what NFT stands for. I could go on explaining non-fungible tokens for hours and it still might make no sense to you, or me. Even artists admit they didn't understand it when they began creating it 4 years ago.

I reached out to a successful artist creating work on the Blockchain under the pseudonym BigComicArt. From his home in Florida, he helped me understand why NFTs and crypto art are important to both collector and creator.

But four years ago when he started, he asked:

"'What are you talking about owning, having ownership of a digital image?' It took a little while to grow on me, as it does everyone," he said. "It was just a small group of people and we were 'oh, I love your artwork, let me give you $5.' Then it was $10, then it was $50 and then it was $50,000. It just exploded."

@BigComicArt has been painting for over 25 years. Rather than selling his work at galleries to a limited number of potential collectors, his digital art is for sale today on multiple crypto art websites for anyone around the world to purchase.

For all the people scratching their heads still about what that means he said, "The more you get into it, the more it makes sense."

Artists and especially digital artists have been ripped off for years. The artwork they create is copied and pasted to websites and social media. Google makes it easy to find and, well steal someone's creation and use it however they want. At least until someone calls them on it and sends a cease and desist letter but face it, that hardly ever happens.

Selling work on what's known as the Blockchain using crypto-currency makes it possible for someone to own the art, much like someone might own an original Picasso or Warhol and even put it on display.

"We have these screens that are available and so these digital screens turn into these digital paintings," said @bigcomicart showing me his artwork displayed in a small picture frame.

Screens could also be televisions, like Samsung's "Frame."

Crypto art can be moving images, photographs, memes, portraits, and paintings, and right now, most of it is expensive. BigComicArt's work called "2021" is listed for sale for over $37,000. He told me, this crypto art NFT technology is great for collectors and creators.

"Everyone across the country is losing their jobs. People are going out of business. Through this technology, people are paying rent. Surviving. Sharing their artwork with the world."