We all know passwords should be 13 or more letters, numbers, and special characters and no common words. We all know you shouldn't use the same password for multiple accounts. We also know, that's impossible. Here's a trick to set and use different passwords for all of your accounts, that you'll never forget, and no one can guess them.

Think of two songs or two movies. For this example, we'll choose "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Spy Who Loved Me."

Use the first letter of each word. BATB AND TSWLM. Pick one of the titles and go all lower case. Separate the titles with a special character like the dollar sign.

We need to use numbers, so instead of the A, we'll use an 8. Add others if you want.

That leaves us with B8TB$tswlm and we'll add another special character, the pound sign at the end. B8TB$tswlm#

That's a solid password but you don't want to use it for everything. Here's the secret: At the end of the password, use the first two letters of the account. For Facebook, it'd be, our password and fa. For Gmail, it'd be password gm. and so on. Use the combination for all of your accounts. You only need to remember the two titles when you log in somewhere. After a few weeks, you'll know it by heart.

This secret solves two of the biggest challenges we face online. And it works.