This isn't the biggest iPhone update ever, but your phone will look and feel different when it's released later this year. After testing it out for a few weeks now, I've rounded up a few things you are most likely going to love or hate. And there'll be a little bit of both for sure.

There's a whole new look in the Safari browser with the address bar at the bottom of the screen. It takes some getting used to after years of seeing the website address at the top. It is faster to switch tabs with one button, and another brings up options to save the page to read later, share the address to friends, save it to Pocket, Dropbox, or another app, or mark up a screen capture to make notes which are then saved as a PDF. If you use an iPad or Mac, you can access the favorites on those devices.

If you have trouble reading the fine print in some apps but not others, you have more control to adjust the size of the text. Swipe down for the control panel and choose change text. You can change it for Twitter alone, or for all the apps. It makes a big difference when you can't find your glasses. Some apps do have smaller fonts than others so this allows you to change the font size for just the apps you have trouble seeing.

I also discovered this gem: say you want to send someone a text from a business card or sign but don't want to send a photo. Just tap in the message bar and choose "text from camera". iOS 15 will copy any text it sees, even handwriting, and insert it into the message bar. You do have to hold the camera steady and frame-up just what you want to send. If you move the camera too fast it'll tell you to slow down. If you send the text of a website address to someone, they'll get the link in iMessages and can open it in the browser. The text from camera feature works with all apps that use text, even Facebook and Twitter.

The notifications displayed on the screen are smaller which might be good or bad. So is the text in Settings. You can adjust those as you want in Settings.

If you're always getting interrupted with notifications while you're trying to focus on work or just watching a movie, there are new "do not disturb" customizations. Called "Focus", it allows you to mute all notifications and calls, or just those from certain apps and people. The person calling or texting will see you're busy. You can use timers or locations to turn it off automatically. For example, turn on "Focus" when you walk into a movie theater or while sitting at your desk. When you get up to leave, the Focus “do not disturb” will shut off automatically.

There are other upgrades to Apple Maps and FaceTime, but not all of them are working well in the Beta version. You can install the Beta update but it is not recommended for most people and not for your primary iPhone. If you do choose to install it, please backup your phone to a computer or iCloud in case something goes wrong.

It's probably best to wait until Beta users discover the bugs and Apple has a chance to fix them.

iOS 15 will be released to the public this fall.