If you're in the market for a new TV, you're in luck. New televisions are due to come out just in time for the Super Bowl next month, and of course, they're better than anything we've ever seen before.

The major TV makers are unveiling new sets at CES this week.

Televisions are popular once again and they’re getting thinner too. The trend now is making televisions that are hidden or disguised when they’re not being used.

LG will release 65” OLED TVs that roll up or down into a cabinet. And these sets are not much thicker than a credit card. But while thin may be in, picture quality is key.

“A little while ago, people only cared about how thin their TV was. Picture quality wasn’t important, but a year or two ago high—dynamic range or HDR came out, Dolby Vision, picture quality became important again," said Bruce Walker, with TCL.

SAMSUNG, LG and TCL are making huge screens now that, when they’re not on, they appear to be artwork. The picture quality allows them to look like beautiful pictures, down to a virtual picture frame.

But here’s what’s interesting in their research about millennials:

“They don’t have TVs all over the house; they have one main TV and every other room has a tablet in it," Walker said.

Some of these TVs will be released later this year and others won’t be released for any time soon. What’s good for everyone is that every year right after CES, they drop the price of the televisions that are for sale in stores now.