We are all going to be asked to show proof of vaccination at some point. That could be at a football game this fall, a concert, airport, restaurant. It's just a matter of time before showing proof means the difference between admission and being turned away at the door. It isn't happening everywhere right now, but my guess is it will become more common as the delta variant of COVID-19 continues to spread.

At this point, there is no standard in the United States for showing proof of vaccination, except by showing the paper card you received when you got the shot. There's no app that works everywhere and there are no rules about accepting or not accepting proof from a digital photo or card on your phone.

There are a couple of apps or services that are being accepted in more places though. If you received your vaccination at a Walmart store, you can download a digital copy on your devices. Walmart is partnering with the Clear app to provide fully vaccinated people a digital version of their card.

"Clear" is a company that offers touchless IDs to skip lines at the airport for a monthly fee. To get a digital vaccine card, you'll snap photos of your driver's license, vaccine card, and face. The app uses biometrics to scan your face and eyes to prove it's you. The company then confirms the immunization information through the state health department. You'll be asked to fill out a form stating the date you received the vaccine, the lot#, and location. You will not receive the digital vaccination card until 14 days after your second dose if you're getting the Pfizer or Moderna vaccinations, or 14 days after the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

GoGetVax is a startup that offers VaxYes. It isn't an app but a web portal. You can upload photos of your ID and vaccination card through a browser on your smartphone. You can also upload photos through a computer by going to www.gogetvax.com The setup is similar. The company confirms your immunization records with the state health department. The digital vaccine card can be added to your Apple or Google wallet. It also uses Clear's Healthpass and creates a QR code that takes someone to your health information.

Both services say they are HIPAA compliant and your information is safe. But to use them, you must give permission to access some of your health records.

Neither are especially simple to set up. And they do take about 2 weeks before confirming your vaccine card and having it on your phone.

And again, some places will take them, and some will not. If you're traveling, do keep the paper copy of your vaccine card with you.