Cheers American Bistro is located inside the DoubleTree Hotel in Reading.

Chef Carlos Gomez was in the 69 News kitchen on Friday.


Baby greens with red wine poached pear, endives, and grilled carrots, champagne vinaigrette.

2oz. of mixed greens

1oz. of julienned endives

One small carrot

One small pear

2oz. red wine

3oz. sugar

2oz. of water

1oz. of honey

3oz champagne

3oz. apple cider vinegar

1oz. Dijon mustard

1ea shallot

1oz. honey

3oz of olive oil

2oz fresh crushed black peppercorns

Wash mixed greens and set aside. For the poached pear, peel pear and leave the core in it. In a small sauce pan, put the red wine, sugar, water, honey, salt and pepper A/N. Add the pear and poach for 30 minutes or until pear is fork tender. Remove pear and cool, then remove the core or split in half if you desire to do a fan presentation, if not the whole pear will be fine as well.

For the vinaigrette: In a blender, add the mustard, honey and shallot. Then add the apple cider vinaigrette, mix well then add the olive oil slowly in the blender on low speed, add salt and pepper A/N

Peel carrot and slice thin lengthwise, then season with olive oil, salt, pepper, and grill or sear. Set aside and cool. Julienne endives. Once all this is done, mix in vinaigrette into the mixed greens, serve in a desired plate and top it with endives, carrots, and the pear.

Watermelon Chocolate Ginger Fizz

In a blender combine:

The pulp of healthy watermelon slice- more is best

Squeeze of half a lemon

Two tablespoons chocolate chips

1oz Honey syrup

2 cups ice

Blend all ingredients until it reaches a slushy consistency. Then add 4oz non-alcoholic ginger beer. Pulse the blender a few times to mix in the ginger beer but do not overly blend or you will lose the fizz.

Pour frozen concoction into pint glass and garnish with a watermelon wedge or lemon wedge.

Blackened petite filet of beef, topped with crispy onions on a lobster and shrimp saffron risotto

One 6oz. filet of beef

1oz.Blackened spices

4oz. julienne onions

2oz. AP flour

4oz. of risotto or Arborio rice

2oz. of lobster meat

2oz. of shrimp

One small pinch of saffron stock

10oz. of seafood stock

1oz. diced onions

2oz. very small diced vegetables

½ oz. of diced flat parsley

3oz. white wine

2oz. olive oil

4oz of blended oil for frying the julienne onions.

Seasoned filet of beef with blackened spices and sear in hot skillet. Cook to desired temperature. For the risotto, in a medium saucepan, add the olive oil, add diced onion and cook at low heat until onions are translucent, do not brown the onions. Add the white wine, continue to cook until wine is reduced. Add seafood stock and saffron, bring to a simmer and add the risotto. Continue to stir until risotto is cooked, then add the lobster and shrimp, continue to cook until meat is cooked and folded into risotto. Add the small vegetables and parsley, salt , pepper A/N, then serve.

For the crispy onions: In a small pan, heat the blended oil, take the julienne onions and season with salt and pepper, mix in the AP flour, remove the excess flour and fry in the pan until crispy brown and use them to garnish your filet of beef.