Pizza, pasta, sandwiches and more, Pat's in Bethlehem has something for everyone.

The bistro is the first Pat's in the Lehigh Valley, but owners say it has its own unique flair.


1 lbs mussels

4oz heavy cream

2 oz sweet sausage

2 oz diced tomatoes

2 oz diced onions

1 whole long hot pepper diced

1 oz chopped garlic

Saute the garlic with onions, tomatoes, sausage and hot pepper for 2 minutes. Add mussels and stir up, put lid on and let simmer for 5 minutes. Add heavy cream and let simmer for another 5 minutes, then plate.

Use some parsley for garnish and bread for broth dipping.

Truffle Artichoke Tortelloni

10 oz cheese stuffed Tortelloni

4 oz diced Artichoke

1 oz garlic

3 oz unsalted butter

5 oz heavy cream

1 oz truffle peelings

½ oz truffle oil

1 oz shaved asiago cheese

Start with butter on a pan on medium high heat. Once butter starts turning brown, add garlic and artichokes, (and some pasta water), add heavy cream and truffle peelings and toss the pasta in the mix, Once sauce starts thickening, plate and top of with a sprinkle of truffle oil and shaved asiago.

Pasta Flight


8 shrimp

4 oz crimini mushrooms

8 oz aurora sauce

10 oz saccetti pasta

Saute shrimp with mushroom in oiled pan. Once shrimp is done, add aurora sauce and pasta, toss until sauce thickened and plate.

Caccio Pepe:

10 oz artisan bucatini

10 oz Pecorino romano

1 oz Cracked black pepper

When pasta is cooked, mix in a bowl with cream, pepper and pasta water, and create a creamy sauce. Plate and add remaining cream sauce on top.

Fettucine con fungi:

8 oz fettucine nest

1 oz garlic

½ oz hot seeds

2 oz parsley

2 oz crimini mushrooms

½ oz truffle peelings

¼ oz truffle oil

4 oz parmesan cheese

3 oz heavy cream

In an oiled pan, add mushrooms, garlic, parsley and hot seeds. Simmer for 1 minute and add pasta and cream (some pasta water as well). Add more parsley and parmesan cheese and keep tossing. Plate and add truffle peelings and spray of truffle oil on top.