BERN TWP., Pa. - In Berks County, there's now a visible sign to combat an invisible enemy. The county commissioners announced Monday a new county-branded campaign called 'Do Your Part - Stop the Spread.'

"Let's change the message here in Berks County and in the commonwealth," said Commissioner Christian Leinbach. "We believe it's time to change the focus in Berks County and Pennsylvania from closing businesses to promoting and enforcing meaningful and effective health and safety standards that truly mitigate the spread of COVID-19 here in our community."

As part of the campaign, county officials are requiring essential businesses to put COVID-19 safety standards into practice immediately. They're asking stores to make posters visible to employees and customers, detailing safety practices, like social distancing and wearing cloth masks.

"The cloth mask is meant to protect other people in case you are infected," said Leinbach.

Berks County news conferene on coronavirus - COVID-19

In the front entrance of stores, the county is asking essential businesses to put up a sign reminding customers that they're still open, with a blank a space where companies can write in contact information so people can reach out and pitch safety recommendations.

"Many businesses that are open are not practicing proper COVID-19 health and safety practices," said Leinbach, encouraging consumers to avoid said businesses.

Berks residents can go online and download a sign for their home, too, prominently proclaiming to be doing their part to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

"Berks Countians are tough," said Leinbach, "and they will do what they need to stay safe and keep their families and neighbors safe."