EASTON, Pa. - During a time when many small businesses are facing financial hardship, the Greater Easton Development Partnership is encouraging people to "Support Easton" through the coronavirus crisis.

The GEDP, a non-profit, rolled out the "Support Easton" campaign and website with information about restaurants doing curb-side pick-up and delivery, shops offering online sales, and businesses that are getting creative by offering online classes to keep some money coming in.

GEDP Executive Director Jared Mast said while state and federal unemployment benefits may help some of Easton's businesses eventually, the "Support Easton" campaign was created to help right now.

Mast said after the pandemic has passed, the hope is that shops and restaurants that make Easton unique will remain open and once again thrive.

"This crisis affects different people in different ways. If you are a remote worker where this isn't affecting where you clock in and clock out isn't affecting you financially…if you have the ability to support small biz it's important to do that as best as you can,” Mast said.

In addition to business and gift card sales, the "Support Easton" campaign has also launched a fundraising component to raise money for a small business relief fund.

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